Don’t take it from us…

30 Jan

The following was posted on YELP by Kyle H. regarding his experience working with One Brick. 

My Fellow Chicagoans may not know too much about One Brick. I met some One Brickers while volunteering to clean up Humboldt Park on Earth Day and they seemed like a nice friendly lot. Plus, they went for food and drinks afterward and invited me along, it’s like Yelp +Volunteering! So it seems a perfect match to push their cause here.

It took me a while to volunteer after that initial meet, but it was so easy! You can sign up on their email list and register directly from there or go to their website and do it. My event last week was cooking for the Lincoln Park Community Shelter. One Brick brought about 12 people together that chipped in for the food, the organizer made up the menu and brought the groceries and put us to work! I had no idea I could fry up 30 breasts of chicken in an hour but call me Mel I guess! “Order up Dingbat!” The volunteers did range from the experienced (100+ events done) to the novice (me and another), but we were made to feel welcomed and there was no snobbery or lack of getting to know people.

There’s such a variety of volunteer opportunities and you can sign up whenever you want and not feel pressured.There are also Social Events (hello Yelpers) where One Brickers meet to drink and socialize and perhaps rally around a cause like bringing school supplies for needy kids. I’ll definitely volunteer with them again. (Getting down from my Soap Box now so you may climb up!)

Thank you Kyle for your kinds words.

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