Talking Money with Dana aka “Mr. FUNdraising”

16 Feb

Mr. FUNdraising coming to you with his new monthly installment of activity.  Yes, this year we’re focused on raising money to keep the One Brick FUN and volunteer work happening.  Did you know  over 100 companies donate to various Non-profits just based on the hours donated by their employees?  It’s relatively new but corporations are picking up on the new fad called “Dollars for Doers”.  Basically companies are writing grants for charitable organizations based on the hours donated by their employees time.  

Want an easy way to donate to One Brick?  If you work at a company listed below, apply for a grant to benefit One Brick!  For instance, Verizon donates $750 for 40 hours of work given to a specific organization.  If your company isn’t listed – ask your HR department if they have a “Dollars for Doers” program.  If your company doesn’t –  hound HR until they do!  Sign up your company today by e-mailing Mr. FUNdraising We’ll highlight your company once a month in the Mr. FUNdraising column.  Looking forward to hearing from all the Doers out there! 

Mr. FUNdraising aka Dana P  



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