Do U know about Dollars For Doers?

19 Feb

Did you know that you could be raising money One Brick just by volunteering with One Brick?!

“What you talkin’ about, Mr. One Brick Chicago Blogger?”

It’s true!! Several companies make donations to non-profit organization (like One Brick) just for their employees volunteering with them. Grants range from $100 to $450 per employee per calendar year. Some companies may ask that the volunteer to work a mininum number of volunteer hours during that calendar year for the grant to be awarded to the non-profit. 

“How do I know my company particpates in the Dollars for Doers?”

Well, we’ve located a list on the Red Cross website that was last updated in 2007 with a number of companies nationwide that participate in the program…..RIGHT HERE

“This sounds great! How do I sign up?”

All you need to do is contact Mr. FUNdraising himself, Dana at and he will personally show you how easy it is to get signed up. It’s just that easy!!!


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