One Brick Local Leadership Team – Meet & Greet

23 Feb

Do you love One Brick and want to learn more about opportunities to get more involved? If so, join us for our first monthly Meet & Greet with volunteer Chapter Leaders on March 3rd.

It’s a great way to learn more leadership roles within One Brick! Whether you have eight hours a month or eight hours a week to contribute, following are just a few of the ways to step up:

  •  Event Managing / Coordinating: Our Event Managers (EM) and Event Coordinators (EC) work together to make sure each event is a success. This involves arriving a little early, welcoming volunteers, signing them in, picking a place for the post event social, and then engaging folks to make sure they have a fun and rewarding time. Is this role for you?
  • Non-Profit Networking: If you like to find or set-up projects with our existing and new partners, this could be the committee for you! No time to talk on the phone? No problem! You’ll get a One Brick email account and can communicate any hour of the day or night!
  • Setting up Socials: Do you know the best bars in town with the best specials? Do you love Name That Tune, Trivia Nights, and Bingo? If so… this could be the team for you!
  • FUNshine: This committee meets every 4-8 weeks to show appreciation for our Chapter Leaders and Super-Volunteers. Whether you like to craft homemade cards, send birthday e-greetings, or send thank you notes to donors, this is the group for you!
  • FUNdraising: Do you want to coordinate a fund-raising scavenger hunt? Have you planned or participated in an annual fund-raising campaign? Do you know or would you like to learn more about matching grants? Are you looking to develop skills in preparation for a career change? If, so check us out!
  • Other Event Info: Our only request (beyond interest) is that you have attended at least one volunteer event before you RSVP. Why? Volunteering with us is the best way to learn what we’re all about and, yes, we also want to know that you love One Brick!

Did you Know? Each One Brick event provides 50-100 hours of volunteer service to a worthy cause within our community. This translates into 1-2 WEEKS of service for the local food bank, school, etc. Based on a research report released by Independent Sector, Chicago volunteer labor is calculated to be valued at $21.09/hour, which means that each event (assuming a conservative average of 50 total hours of service) delivers more than $1,000 of service to that nonprofit.

Now that’s leverage!



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One response to “One Brick Local Leadership Team – Meet & Greet

  1. AmyS

    April 9, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Upcoming Meet & Greets… Tues 4/14 and Wed 5/6…


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