Condom and Hygiene Kit Packing at the Night Ministry

27 Mar

Last night Chicago OneBrickers assembled upon the Night Ministry to assist in putting together condom and hygiene kits to be passed out to the homeless.

Volunteers were first shown a brief video to learn more about the Night Ministry and the services it provides throughout the Chicago area. This truly put in prospective how they giving their time does so much towards The Night Ministry’s goal to do whatever they can to help the homeless improve their lives and more importantly thier spirits. 

One Brickers were split into 2 groups as one group assembled packets of condoms and the other sorted through partial hygiene kits to assemble complete kits.  The hours flew as the volunteers did not even notice the end of their night coming until it was annouced that they were done for the night. Over 190 hygiene kits and large bins of condoms packets were assembled, making the event a “great success” as, event coordinator, Shaun would say. The event held a special place in, Kinga’s (event manager) heart as she also volunteers with the Night Ministry’s outreach programs to distribute the kits. 

Thank you all for coming out for the event and to those who came out afterwards for a quick snack while watching the NCAA tourney. Pictures from the event have been posted in the One Brick website and can be seen HERE 

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