NW Indiana Flood Disaster Relief

30 Mar

Just wanted to drop a quick blog on the NW IN Flood Relief Project this past weekend.  You’re probably thinking wasn’t that flood last year.  People still need help??????  What’s up with that.  Well there are still people in need and One Brick is taking it on.  They still have  150 houses in need of gutting and mucking.  A lot of residents are unable to gut their houses and get rid of the nasty bi-product of water, MOLD!!!!  This first trip in 2009 we were assigned to Alverine’s house.  Alverine was a lovely older woman that had been living in this mold invested house since October.  She didn’t have any help and really didn’t have any able friends or family to help since her husband passed away several years ago.  To say the least she was grateful when we showed up but somewhat in the mindset of giving up on the house.  We reassured her that there was Hope for the house and we were committing this entire day to chip away at it.  Boy was it a project.  The mold was so bad it was starting to resonate in the upstairs bedroom.  To say the least it was bad.  This was a big task with lots of work, but I had a group of amazing and willing One Brickers.  In total 13 One Brickers tackled this challenge with all hands and hearts.  What an amazing group of people I had.  Some from prior gutting projects along with new workhorses.  It was truly awesome to see everyone gel and tackle this monster as a team.  They all jumped to the thought of making this home a better place for Alverine to live in today.  To my surprise we gutted the entire basement floor and sanitized it with bleach which was truly amazing.  It was night and day from when we showed up to when we left.  Alverine was so happy.  She couldn’t thank us enough.  It was truly an amazing day and I want to thank all those volunteers that took their time on Saturday to give Alverine a better place to live.  You all gave her a precious gift that day.

-Dana, Event Manager

Pictures from the event can be found HERE


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2 responses to “NW Indiana Flood Disaster Relief

  1. Bethany

    March 31, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    It was such a great day, I’m lucky to have spent a good part of my weekend with such amazing people.

  2. Kitty McIlroy

    August 6, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    This has been called a once in 100 years storm, yet I don’t know if
    there has ever been this much rain in this short of an amount of time
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    President to do everything he can to finally start seriously
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    emissions 25 to 40% by 2020 from 1990 levels to avoid the worst
    possible effects of climate change.


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