My Experience At The Green Festival

18 May


Today a team of One Brickers served as memebers of the Green Team working behind the scenes of The Green Festival. The Green Team was responsible for ensuring all the garbage was separated and sent to the right facility; combustibles, recyclables, e-waste and landfill waste (the bin of shame). 

Some quick facts, that I learned today: 

Each person produces their body in trash per year yet on about 5lbs is landfill waste. Most still goes to landfills though. 

The average shopper uses 500 plastic shopping bags a year; most of which are not recyclable. 

While in Denver, The Green Festival served 22,000 attendees but, through the efforts of the Green Team, only sent 950 lbs to a landfill. That’s less than .01 lbs per person. 

Working with The Green Team was an amazing experience for me as I learned so much. I can’t wait to do it again next year. I thanks all of those I worked with today for coming out on a Sunday morning to help out for a good cause. Especially Mike Zima whose came out for his first One Brick event today; while also carry a solar panel backpack…so cool! I want to leave you with a few pics of some of interesting things I saw at the Green Festival. Please a peek at them HERE

-Shaun, Event Coordinator


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