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City Farm!!!!!

The One Brick crew headed to the Urban Garden at Cabrini Green and helped de-weed planting beds and spread mulch along the cleared pathways. Everyone enjoyed the hands-on event and felt a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Afterwards, several of us hopped over to Uncle Julio’s for some delicioso Mexican food and refreshing drinks after a hard, but rewarding, day’s work.

-Jeremy, Event Coordinator

It’s a warm and sunny Saturday morning on Chicago’s near north side… it must be a great day to be at City Farm! As you can see from the picture above, we had event another good turnout for our City Farm event where OneBrickers spent their Saturday morning tending to the grounds while also being educated on the benefits of local farming.

This is always a popular event so please be on the look out for it and sign up earlier as this event always fills up quickly. Pictures will be up on the site soon so please stop by for that update.

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Cookie Packing At The Night Ministry

I want to give a shout out to everyone who volunteered at Monday night’s cookie packing session at the Night Ministry.  In less than 2 hours, we packed over 11,600 cookies!  We also had a huge group go out afterwards at the Rail on Damen.  $.10 chicken wings on Monday night totally rocked!   It was a great time on Monday night!

-Jo Elle, Event Manager


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One Brick Chicago Does NASCAR!

The One Brick recently invaded the Chicagoland Speedway to lend a hand during a recent NASCAR race over the weekend of July 11th. One Brickers chipped in all over the race track and the whole experience will be remembered by all that were that came out.

Rumor has it that we may do it again so drool over the PICS from the event and sign up when its posted.

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Words on Volunteering

Caring is a reflex…You live, you help.

-Ram Dass

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Memories from One Brick’s 1st Scavenger Hunt

Over Father’s Day weekend, One Brick Chicago held our first annual Scavenger Hunt and needless to say it was an amazing success. So many of you came out to participate and/or assist with the event. As you can see from the pics, there were no losers in this event so thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Please take a moment to view some of the many great pic taken at the event and post-event celebration HERE

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Two Angels

Submitted by Brett Roper, Hollingsworth Companies, Tennessee, USA
There were two angels sent to earth to walk as men for a time, one older . . .   one younger. After a long day they came upon a very nice home where they asked if they might spend the night and rest. The owner, a person of substantial means finally gave into the request and let them use the old cellar in the back of the property. It was cold and damp and as they prepared for sleep the older angel caused a minor miracle to be performed in repairing one wall that was degraded to the point of collapse. The younger angel asked “why did you do that for people that are obviously greedy and self indulgent?”. The older simply replied “things are not always as they seem”.

The next evening they came upon a small dwelling in the woods and upon inquiring found the farmer and his wife very accommodating . . .   to the point of requiring them to use their bed and share their meager meal as they appeared to be very tired and in need of rest. Upon leaving the next morning they noticed the farmer and his wife in the small side yard grieving over the death of their only cow.

As they walked down the road the younger angel became angry and asked, “How could you allow that to happen? Night before last you do good for a person that would barely lift a finger to help and last night you allow this poor but gentle farmer and his wife to loose something of such value.” The older angel turned to the younger angel and said “the other night I noticed that the old cellar wall was barely holding back the riches of an old vault, filled with treasures and gold so I repaired it knowing that more of such finery for one such greedy person would not help others. Last night while we slept the angel of death came to take the farmer’s wife. I convinced him to take the cow instead.


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Prepare Lessons and Coaches’ Supplies for Girls on the Run!

Thank you to those who came out to assist at Girls On the Run. We can never put these events together without you. Thank you so much!

Pic from this great event can be found HERE

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