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Project Rebuild

Hey Onebrickers;
Just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone and acknowledge all of you for taking time out of your Saturday to help our neighbors in need. Usually this comes from Kinga, your event manager, but I wanted to thank everyone too.
Kinga and I started working on this project with One Brick back in Oct. of 2008. Kinga has been amazing in being there for almost every trip to NW Indiana. I think the only one she missed was due to her taking a vacation (Slacker). I want thank her for all her efforts in keeping this project going for One Brick.
It’s been a while since my last Onebrick event and it was really refreshing to get back and do some dirty work for those in need. I think the best part of our project was the hug I got from the homeowner. This event brought back some of the inspiration I received from my trip with Onebrick to New Orleans to rebuild houses.
Which, by the way, Onebrick will be returning in Dec and next year. I know some of you might of thought we weren’t able to get that much done but alot of time it’s just the little bit goes a long way in letting our neighbors know that we care and we haven’t forgot about them.
That same feeling is reminiscent of New Orleans being it was the 4 year anniversary of Katrina. Kinga and I have pledged to lead a group back to New Orleans either in Dec. or 2010 and I’m hoping some of you can join us. If any of you have questions about the Onebrick NOLA trip feel free to email Kinga or I. Sorry we weren’t able to meet up with the rest of the group afterwards, but we really wanted to finish the job. Hope everyone is having a great day and hope to see you at some Onebrick events.
PS-If you know of anyone interested in helping start Onebrick in Indianapols please have them email me.
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Annual School Supply Drive/Happy Hour

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for coming out and donating school supplies at our 5th Annual School Supply Drive Happy Hour! I have posted the photos from the event in our photo gallery so – Check Them OUT! In just a few short hours we were able to collect: * Over 100 #2 pencils!! * Tons of art supplies for students to create gallery-worthy masterpieces * Lots of fun and exciting prizes for Ms. Ryan’s classroom “prize box” * Stacks of notebooks, printer paper, and post-it notes * Several great children’s books to add to the classroom library You all did a great job helping to stock Ms. Ryan’s 2nd grade classroom for the upcoming school year. Thank you for your generosity and passion for helping these students so they may have the brightest future possible.

Thank you for sharing your spirit!

Happy Volunteering!

Meghan S

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A Word for Our Executive Director

Q: Does your employer Matching Volunteer hours or cash donations?
(most banks and many larger corps do)

If you don’t know the answer to this question – PLEASE CHECK with your HR department!!

We have a small team of people (Thank You Mary Jo and Heather) who are driving a program to search out these companies and help apply for the funds. So far they have signed up 5 people! Yeh!

A partial (and old!) list of companies is here ( together with info about One Brick that you may need to complete the application form




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