Picture the impact YOU can make!

19 Nov

One Brick + Your Donation = Huge Impact

Did you know that One Brick helps more than 600 nonprofits throughout our 6 cities? That support means a lot to the organizations we serve. And your support means a lot to us. Here’s just a few of the activities that a gift to One Brick supports: 

Restoring an inner city kid’s playground: Last week 14 volunteers worked for 3 hours to restore an inner city playground. It cost One Brick $126 to create and run this event. Literally thousands of kids will now be able to enjoy a clean and safe environment. This work was provided FREE to the local community.

Hunger relief at a local food pantry: At a recent event, 32 volunteers worked for 2 1/2 hours and packed 8.5 tons of dry goods into 952 boxes for 952 needy families.  It cost One Brick $240 to stage this event.  The cost to the food pantry and the needy families? Free.

Reclaiming wheelchairs: This past August, 15 volunteers cleaned and powerwashed nearly 50 wheelchairs for seniors in need.  Senior citizens at the Goodwin House now have a clean set of wheels and improved mobility. Without this work, these folks would have spent thousands of dollars.  Yet because of One Brick – their cost was nothing.

Harvesting fresh produce for hungry families: This past October, One Brick volunteers spent 44 hours harvesting, planting, weeding and hauling organic produce at an urban community garden dedicated to providing fresh and healthy food to the hungry. With One Brick’s help, the urban garden supplied hundreds of pounds of food in one day to those who needed it most. It cost One Brick $132 to provide this help, but it cost the garden absolutely nothing.
These are just a few of the hundreds of events we create every month. We are extremely efficient, which allows us to stage these events at a very low cost. What does this mean to you? Your tax-deductible gift has a HUGE impact.
   + $50 provides more than 16 hours of volunteer help back to your community- which can translate to more food for the needy, more trees planted, or more lives touched.

   + $125 provides an entire One Brick event back to your community- which can translate to a new playground, a restored classroom, or hundreds of meals prepared for the homeless.

   + $500 provides a week’s worth of One Brick events back to your community- making a huge impact across multiple organizations that rely on One Brick every day.

Will you help us continue the work that One Brick does every day in your community?

Clive R. Charlwood
Executive Director, One Brick

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  1. BeepBrooxia

    November 25, 2009 at 1:02 am

    Wow, I didn’t heard about this topic up to the present. Cheers!


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