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Welcome Indianapolis to the OneBrick Family!!!

Last weekend, six One Brick volunteers and Event Managers packed their cars and headed to Indianapolis to help One Brick launch its eighth chapter.  Yay One Brick Indy!

It was a mega-weekend of mega-volunteering:  6 events, 100 volunteers, 250+ hours of service!

Here’s what we did:

  • One Huge House Painted;
  • 12 trees planted;
  • Dozens of dogs washed and walked;
  • Dozens of sheets of drywall hung at the food coop;
  • 1300 grocery bags stuff; and
  • One keg (mostly) drunk.

If you have friends in Indianapolis, make sure you let them know the One Brick is in town!

In addition to Chicago, One Brickers from Minneapolis, San Francisco and Ann Arbor joined in on the fun to make the Indy launch the biggest yet.  Che ck out the video!

Watch the One Brick Indy Launch Video!

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“Why I’m a Nameless Hero?” (Why I Volunteer)

See that chubby guy in the picture above…that’s me! 🙂

My name is Shaun (you may call me…The Shaun but that’s another blog for another time). I have been a One Brick volunteer for the 4+ years and an Event Coordinator for just about 2 years….loving every minute of it too!

During One Brick events we usually trying to learn a little more about each other and the question is always asked… “What brought you to One Brick?” The answers vary from “new to town and I’m looking to meet new people” to “I really enjoy the relaxed nature of the activites”. I am, hopefully at this time, going to give you a reason you have not heard to that question. Yet an answer that to “Why I volunteer with One Brick” that will help you fully understand why One Brick and its volunteers (like you) are so important!

I, Shaun, volunteer…as my own way of saying THANK YOU!

Your confused look is expected so I will expand on this reasoning a bit.

My mom and I spend most of my childhood homeless, living from shelter to shelter, soup kitchen to soup kitchen…luckily to find either…on some nights finding neither. We slept wherever we can and accepting from whomever would give to us. It was very common for me to change school often as we moved to another shelter in a different part of the city.

Mostly during this time, I experienced any form of friendship, love and care I had in my life…from complete strangers. My mom and I did have family to help us from time to time but there were sometimes limits to how far they could extend themselves. Yet to fill those gaps were a series of nameless and often faceless heores who gave whatever they had so I could have anything at all.

Nameless heroes who gave me the clothes from their children so I may have something to wear.

Nameless heroes who gave their time to prepare meals at soup kitchens so my mom and I could eat.

Nameless heroes that donated tickets toshows,  plays and sporting events so a young boy may experiences such joys.

Nameless heroes who bought extra school supplies so I may go to school prepared.

Nameless heroes who gave a young man and his mother hope, love and care even though they often didn’t even know our name.

Nameless heroes who fulfilled the Christmas wish of a child they’ve never met…and probalby never will.

These nameless heroes is many senses made me the man I am today. Unfortuntely, I have no way of directly thanking these “nameless heroes” of my life but I relaized at a young age…that I had every thing it took to become one. Ever since…I’ve made a promise and dedicated a portion of my life…to being a nameless hero…that promise I brought me to One Brick.

I volunteered at the Inspiration Cafe because once young men and women to make me soup and meat loaf to eat.

I volunteered at the “Light Up The Night” events because someone comforted my mom when she was domestically abused.

I volunteered at the Greater Chicagoland Food Depository because that food once came to my house through the FoodShare program.

I volunteered at the Night Ministry because I once was one of those children in the streets of Uptown who anxious waited on their van.

I volunteered to support Meal on Wheels because my mother received their meals nightly in the years prior to her passing from AIDS.

Those who have volunteered with me, have caught me from time to time not wearing my OneBrick nametag. I must admit that this is not by accident. I learned at an early age one of my “nameless heroes” that it sometimes is not important if someone remembers who you are…what what you’ve done for them and how you’re affected their lives.

Every One Brick event I volunteer for or coordinate is just another way I get to say THANK YOU to those who did the same for me as a child. At every event, I can carry a simple thought that maybe through giving my time another person will be inspired to become a NAMELESS HERO.

This is why I volunteer.

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Much Love for One Brick

We wanted to share some nice notes we’ve been getting from our non-profits.  Thank you, volunteers, for all you do.  YOU are making a difference!

“On behalf of the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, I want to thank all the One Brick volunteers who helped us with the April 3 ‘Easter Egg Hunt and Family Brunch’ at the High Ridge YMCA.  Jill Grimshaw, Executive Director, was so impressed by your creativity and enthusiasm as you filled 480 Easter eggs with goodies, created an egg hunt area in the gymnasium, decorated egg hunt paper bags for the children, helped wiht registration of the participants, and led fun games for the children and families.  You were a big reason the event was so much fun for the families who attended.  Jill also reported that this year’s Easter Bunny was late, so you graciously said one of the One Brick volunteers would take on the role at next year’s event!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to count One Brick among our most steadfast volunteer partners, and we look forward to future opportunities to work with you in support of our vital, community-based YMCA programs and services.

Linda Dean, Director of Volunteerism

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Thanks to “Heather F.” for Our latest YELP Review

We always appreciate feedback from our volunteers and we recently found this review on our YELP page! We attached an exerpt from Heather F’s review on YELP for you to look over. Feel free to hop over to our page on YELP to look over more review or better yet post one of your own. We always love to hear what our volunteer have to say.

I’ve had some major changes go on in the last year, and decided to get involved in more positive social activities. Volunteering is great because you get to help someone and feel good about what you’re doing at the same time.

What’s great about One Brick is that it is so easy to sign up for events! A regular schedule or commitment is not required, awesome for someone like me with an irregular schedule. You can volunteer as much or little as you like.

They also have a pretty wide array of types of opportunities, from stuffing envelopes to helping out with food banks, crafting, to ushering at the Goodman.  Something for everyone.

Moreover, at the few events I’ve gone to, everyone involved has been very friendly and there seems to often be an informal gathering afterward for food/drinks to socialize more for those interested. It’s been fun to meet the diverse assortment of people that volunteer and work with One Brick.

I’ve just started attending, but this is definitely something I can see continuing for a while.

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This is Why We Volunteer!!

This past Saturday, Event Manager, Rob M, led a group of volunteers at the Chicago Public Art Group, a new One Brick non-profit partner.   He got this amazing thank you note from the group, and we just had to share!


CPAG cannot thank you enough for your time and energy this Saturday! Thanks to you, we were able to finally cancel our storage unit rental (something we’ve been talking about for 1 year and half, thus saving us $150 a month), clean out old, unusable tile that has been taking up precious space (a task we have been talking about for 6 months), reorganize our studio space, and start today with a fresh, clean outlook!

But, on top of all those wonderful accomplishments, you guys made us- the small staff of CPAG- feel connected. Often times we can feel isolated and rather alone as we try to get done so, so much. And, thanks to you all, we feel re-energized and re-connected to the world out there.

We appreciated getting to know you, hearing about what else One Brick has done, and learning about all the good you as individuals have accomplished. And for that, and so much more, we wholeheartedly thank you!

Please keep in touch, and we are very excited to work with One Brick and its stupendous volunteers again soon!

Best to the best, and keep up the great work!

Nora Dunlop
Managing Director
Chicago Public Art Group”

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Introducing The New OneBrick Website

One Brick elves have been busy lately, and we are excited to launch our new website!!! Things won’t look very different at first. We have tried to keep the same basic functionality that everyone knows, but this new/fresh implementation will provide a platform for future enhancements.

IMPORTANT: One small change you will notice immediately is the creation of user accounts. We now require an email/password to register for events. In future this will allow us to implement lots of new functionality such as waitlisting, personalized maps and the ability to remove yourself from an event roster.

Note: If you have volunteered with us before and wish to create a password, simply CLICK HERE and enter the email address you use with One Brick. You will be sent an email with a link to create your One Brick password.

If you find any issues, PLEASE let us know by sending an email to

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OneBrick Superstar: Peter Nava

Super volunteer, Peter Nava, started volunteering with One Brick Chicago in November of 2005.  Nearing his four year volunteer anniversary with One Brick, Peter has completed an amazing feet of volunteerism.  He has volunteered at 100+ One Brick events! 

Peter broke the 100 event barrier at the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk mailing on November 9, 2009. Now, Peter is part of an “elite” group of Chicago One Brickers who have volunteered at 100+ events. 

Congratulations, Peter!  And thank you!!  We are lucky to have you as part of our One Brick family!  Here’s to 100 more events!

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