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Adventures in Volunteering

My wife and I often share our music with seniors at retirement or nursing homes. I play the cello and she plays the harp. Often times my wife will introduce a song or tell something about the music she is about to play. One time she told the audience that she is going to play a piece entitled, Claire de Lune by Claude Debusy. One hard of
hearing resident asked another sitting next to her, “What did she say?” The resident replied, “She is going to play Fruit of the Loom.”

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“Thank you One Brick”

I just want to again say Thank You to you and all the volunteers who assisted in cleaning out my basement.  Ther is still a lot to do and I have no idea where this is all leading, but I sincerely thank you and God for all of the help.
 May you continue to bring peace and joy to all those you offer your service to.
– Alverine, Gary IN
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When Will You Act?

A French riddle for children illustrates the idea of  “exponential growth”. I like to use this riddle to combat the myth that “there’s plenty of time to act–I’ll volunteer next year.” Suppose you own a pond on which a water lily is growing. The lily plant doubles in size each day. If the plant were allowed to grow unchecked, it would completely cover the pond in 30 days, choking off all other forms of life in the water. For a long time the lily plant seems small, so you decide no to worry about it until it covers half the pond. On what day will that be? On the twenty-ninth day. You have just one day to act to save your pond.

-Submitted by Lynn Carroll, Volunteer Program Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy, PA to

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1000 Hours…. WOW!!!

Thank you OneBrickers! We acheived over 1000 hours of service in March! 1075 to be exact! We have over 20+ events planned for April so let’s get out there and do it again!!

Here are some of the events coming up over the next couple weeks. Hope to see you all at some of these events!

NW Indiana Flood Disaster Relief 4/5/09 8a-4p

NW Indiana Flood Disaster Relief 4/11/09 8a-4p

Pancakes and Easter Eggs at the High Ridge YMCA 4/11/09 8:30a- 11a

Tax Day Grants for Teachers… Mailing Part 2 for the Chicago  4/16/09 6p-8p

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Just a Little Can Make A Difference in Another’s Life…and in Your Own

Many years ago, while I was employed full time at a busy job, and also being a newly married lady, I gave of my time, talent and energy at a mental institution in our town. The joy I found and the satisfaction I felt was overwhelming. At first it was somewhat scary to be in this environment, never having had anyone compromised in this way in my family circle or circle of friends–but I had a reason for doing this.

I learned from this valuable time how to deal and cope with these situations and how to work with them. I volunteered in a locked-up environment which was also overwhelming at first.

To my surprise, I found out that a friend of my parents from many years back was a resident of this facility, and that when I was a baby, this lady had wanted to keep me as she was unable to have children. I brought this lady up to date with pictures, brought her special items and brought her up to current times. The time came when she was able to piece things together, and she said to me one day “please dear, you should not come here, as this is not a place for you,” but I wanted to bring something into this lady’s life. Together, after much time, we had closed up the years. I was told that she would have been able to be released from the facility, but because she had no family to go to, she couldn’t leave. But I did bring her to my home on two occasions for afternoon refreshments, and I saw the joy of this lady “feeling a part of life.” I have never forgotten this volunteering experience. This lady later passed away but I have the fulfillment in my life of having done just a little to make a difference in the life of one person.

-submitted by Sylvia Jones 

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Adventures in Volunteering: “At The Zoo”

Everyone has their own stories based on their experiences while volunteering and some are…well…interesting. We here at One Brick will be sharing some of our own stories as well as stories that we have heard. As amazing as some may sound, to our knowledge, these are all true stories. The first of these adventures we’d like to share we call “At The Zoo”

A man was delivering penguins to the zoo when his van broke down on the highway. A fellow stopped to see if he could be of assistance. “Oh, I’m in some real trouble here” said the first man. “I’ve got to take these penguins to the zoo today, and now I’m not sure I’ll get there.”

The helpful fellow volunteered to put the penguins in the back of his car and take them to the zoo.  The man with car trouble gratefully accepted this offer and promised to get to the zoo as soon as possible.

A little later, the man was on the road again and went immediately to the zoo. He looked everywhere but did not see the helpful fellow or any of the penguins. In a panic, he drove back into town. Just as he was wondering what in the world to do next, he saw the “volunteer” walking across the street with all the penguins waddling along behind him.

He ran up and said, “What are you doing here? I thought you were going to take the penguins to the zoo!” and the volunteer replied, “I did, and we had such a good time there, we decided to come into town for ice cream.”

Moral: When working with volunteers, clear instructions and good training is always necessary.


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Thumps Up!!

thumbs-up.jpg thumbs up esf picture by SonicBoyster

Thumps Up to the One Brick Chicago scheduling team for setting up 23 events so far in March! Keep it up guys and gals!!

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