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This is Why We Volunteer!!

This past Saturday, Event Manager, Rob M, led a group of volunteers at the Chicago Public Art Group, a new One Brick non-profit partner.   He got this amazing thank you note from the group, and we just had to share!


CPAG cannot thank you enough for your time and energy this Saturday! Thanks to you, we were able to finally cancel our storage unit rental (something we’ve been talking about for 1 year and half, thus saving us $150 a month), clean out old, unusable tile that has been taking up precious space (a task we have been talking about for 6 months), reorganize our studio space, and start today with a fresh, clean outlook!

But, on top of all those wonderful accomplishments, you guys made us- the small staff of CPAG- feel connected. Often times we can feel isolated and rather alone as we try to get done so, so much. And, thanks to you all, we feel re-energized and re-connected to the world out there.

We appreciated getting to know you, hearing about what else One Brick has done, and learning about all the good you as individuals have accomplished. And for that, and so much more, we wholeheartedly thank you!

Please keep in touch, and we are very excited to work with One Brick and its stupendous volunteers again soon!

Best to the best, and keep up the great work!

Nora Dunlop
Managing Director
Chicago Public Art Group”

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OneBrick Superstar: Peter Nava

Super volunteer, Peter Nava, started volunteering with One Brick Chicago in November of 2005.  Nearing his four year volunteer anniversary with One Brick, Peter has completed an amazing feet of volunteerism.  He has volunteered at 100+ One Brick events! 

Peter broke the 100 event barrier at the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk mailing on November 9, 2009. Now, Peter is part of an “elite” group of Chicago One Brickers who have volunteered at 100+ events. 

Congratulations, Peter!  And thank you!!  We are lucky to have you as part of our One Brick family!  Here’s to 100 more events!

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Follow Us on Twitter!!

Don’t forget to follow us at OneBrickChicago to get your updates regarding our activities on the go.

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In Your Own Words: Marissa


My good friend Katie and I met putting hundreds of condom goody bags together.  Clearly, it was destiny.  Somewhere between me wondering aloud if the same person really would want XL condoms and strawberry flavored ones and her compensating for a lube shortage by stuffing extra “tuxedo” condoms in her packages… I knew this girl was the friend for me.

One Brick is a great organization for those who want to volunteer but don’t want to (or can’t) commit to the same project/organization every week.  I’ve done all sorts of events with them, ranging from serving beer at a festival to hauling books out of storage for a library book sale.  Everything has always been very well organized and all the leaders are volunteers too.

What I like about One Brick is not only getting to be a part of doing “good”, but also meeting some great people.  There is always a social component to every volunteer event, meaning who ever wants to usually goes out all together afterward for food/drinks.  The volunteers range in age, but I’ve found they’re predominantly women in their 20/30’s (yeah, holy-single-guy’s-untapped-gold-mine, you’re tellin’ me).  It’s really a great way to expand your social network and make some new friends, especially since most people seem to do it on their own – it’s not like there are cliques.

Events fill up fast, so look ahead on the calendar ( and I’d advise you sign up the day an event becomes available for sign-up.

BOTTOM LINE:  A well-organized group & a great way to meet new friends and do some good… at your convenience!


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Oprah Supports One Brick!!

Oprah recently gave mention to One Brick’s efforts in San Francisco and their partnership with The Good Hotel in that city. Please take a peek HERE to learn more. 

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“Stand By Me” performed Around The World by PlayingForChange

These are the types of moments in life that touch everyone. The music video above is the classic “Stand By Me” played by numerous performers from around the world. None of them have met even during recording but all of them were able to create thsi beautiful peice of music. 

This is a great way to start a weekend. 

As a reminder we still have spots available for our events this weekend. We hope to see you at one of them.

Morning Shift – Sort Food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository

Be Part of a Human Chain at Walk Now for Autis

Serve on the Green Team during Green Festival!

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Adventures in Volunteering

My wife and I often share our music with seniors at retirement or nursing homes. I play the cello and she plays the harp. Often times my wife will introduce a song or tell something about the music she is about to play. One time she told the audience that she is going to play a piece entitled, Claire de Lune by Claude Debusy. One hard of
hearing resident asked another sitting next to her, “What did she say?” The resident replied, “She is going to play Fruit of the Loom.”

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