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Thanks to “Heather F.” for Our latest YELP Review

We always appreciate feedback from our volunteers and we recently found this review on our YELP page! We attached an exerpt from Heather F’s review on YELP for you to look over. Feel free to hop over to our page on YELP to look over more review or better yet post one of your own. We always love to hear what our volunteer have to say.

I’ve had some major changes go on in the last year, and decided to get involved in more positive social activities. Volunteering is great because you get to help someone and feel good about what you’re doing at the same time.

What’s great about One Brick is that it is so easy to sign up for events! A regular schedule or commitment is not required, awesome for someone like me with an irregular schedule. You can volunteer as much or little as you like.

They also have a pretty wide array of types of opportunities, from stuffing envelopes to helping out with food banks, crafting, to ushering at the Goodman.  Something for everyone.

Moreover, at the few events I’ve gone to, everyone involved has been very friendly and there seems to often be an informal gathering afterward for food/drinks to socialize more for those interested. It’s been fun to meet the diverse assortment of people that volunteer and work with One Brick.

I’ve just started attending, but this is definitely something I can see continuing for a while.

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